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Tuition Fees

Registration fees:  RM30 (Malaysian Ringgit)
This includes the following services:

  • Placement test fees.
  • Application fees.

(Note: USD1 is about RM3.40)


i. Modern standard Arabic (Fus-ha): RM450.00 per level (40 hours)

* For the following courses, please call or send us an e-mail for details.

ii. Conversational Arabic /Arabic Grammar/ Arabic Rhetoric (Balagha)  program fees:
iii. Colloquial Arabic program fees:
iv. Arabic Calligraphy (Khatt)
vi.  Arabic Plus (Quranic Arabic and Ulumul Quran). 



Policies and Procedures

  1. All fees are to be paid before the first lecture.
  2. Our refund policy is as follows:
    • 90% of total tuition after the first lesson.
    • 80% of total tuition after the second lesson.
    • No refund is allowed after attending the third lesson.
  3. If  a student is absent for any reason, any classes missed are deducted from his/her credit hours .
  4. If a student is more than half an hour late for class, the centre has the right to cancel the lecture and deduct it from the student’s credit hours. (Applicable to private 1-on-1 students)
  5. The time of the lecture is the time agreed upon by the student. The center is not responsible if the student is delayed for any reason. 
  6. In the case of the instructor’s absence or delay, the time of absence or delay will not be deducted from the students’ credit hours.
  7. Al Diwan Center is a smoking free area. As such, no smoking is allowed in the Center.
  8. Children are not allowed to accompany their parents to class.
  9. Modest clothing, reflecting Eastern and Islamic values, is expected of all teachers and students.
  10. Each lecture consists of 2 hours, including a 15 minute break .
    • Class Time (hours)      2
    • Break Time (min.)       15 
  11. The break between lectures is 30 minutes.
  12. Please notify the Center a week prior to your last scheduled class as to whether or not you plan to continue your studies. This will minimize the possibility of unnecessary breaks between levels should you decide to continue onto the next level.
  13. The Center welcomes the presence of students, whether they are here for a scheduled class or otherwise. However, please note that the classrooms are for class use, and we therefore request that you leave the classroom after your class has ended.
  14. The telephone is for administrative use only. Students are allowed to receive short calls if necessary.
  15. The employees at the Center take orders from the administration only. They cannot run personal errands for the students as this is beyond the capabilities of the Center.
  16. The Center reserves the right to terminate a student’s lessons and study if he/she does not attend classes for two full days without notifying the Center; However, when notice is given, his/her lessons will resume a week after his/her return.
  17. The student who stops to come for classes will lose his/her tuition fees a month from the date he started classes.
  18. The center is allowed to use the photos and videos that were taken with students in the center for marketing purposes.


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