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The teaching methods used at Al-Diwan Center are based on the Audio-Lingual Method with a Communicative approach. This effective method and this approach have been proven successful in foreign language instruction worldwide.

Instead of using an intermediary language in teaching foreign language, the Audio-Lingual method requires that only the target language be used in classroom instruction as well as in study. This method gives equal attention to the development of all the four language skills, starting with Listening, then focusing on Speaking, Reading and Writing. This method has proven high success that the student starts speaking Arabic immediately.

The Communicative approach aims at making the student communicate using the target language in real situations. Al-Diwan team works hard all the time to create many real situations outside the classroom for every student, through acquaintanceship, activities, groups, visits, phone chats, short and long trips, and the exchange of tapes and other live media.

Al-Diwan also uses numerous teaching aids to improve the learning environment. These aids include: reading selections from various genres, pictures, comic strips, posters, cards, audio tapes, CDs, video tapes, local and international Arabic magazines and newspapers, and recreational trips.
With the help of these and other aids, learning Arabic becomes incredibly enjoyable, easy, and appealing to the student.





‘Continuous Evaluation’ of all instructional components: Student, Teacher, Curriculum and Administration is our main principle. We have accordingly implemented the following evaluation systems in order to continuously improve the instructional components of our program:

  • Student Evaluation System
  • Teacher Evaluation System
  • Curriculum Evaluation System
  • Program Evaluation System
  • Administration Evaluation System


Student Evaluation System

(A) Al-Diwan Student Evaluation Framework:

  • A placement test must be taken before the student starts taking courses. This test helps us determine exactly what level of language proficiency the student possesses at the onset of his/her studies
  • A daily evaluation is conducted through homework assignments, class participation and quizzes
  • Midterm Exam
  • Final Exam


(B) Al-Diwan Student Evaluation and Grading System:

At Al-Diwan Center, the student’s learning performance is evaluated according to the following system:

Learning Activities Points
Class Participation 10
Oral Exam 20
Mid term Exam 20
Final Exam 50
TOTAL => 100


Teacher Evaluation System

  • Daily administrative supervision and follow-ups on teacher performance using technical  forms and logs
  • A teacher evaluation form, which the students will fill out at the end of each course
  • Periodic discussions with students on their opinions of the study system, their feelings regarding the achievement of their study goals, and their suggestions by way of improvement


Curriculum Evaluation System

Al-Diwan Center organizes regular instructor meetings and workshops to evaluate curricula, making the necessary additions or changes in an effort to better meet the students' goals and increase our effectiveness in language instruction.


Program Evaluation System

During and after each program there is an evaluation conducted to assure the whole instruction experience, guided by students’ evaluation forms collected at the end of the program, instructors’ feedback, and administration notes. There might be changes, additions, or even re-design and/or re-structure of the program after that.


 Administration Evaluation System

Aldiwan Center has an administrative system that ensures every staff member is putting what is expected of effort in his work time. Every branch manager, staff member and employee has his own duties to be accomplished in a specific timeframe. Administrative evaluation is always conducted to find gaps in performance, extraordinary and above-average performance, and therefore the top administration decisions are made to either reward or remedy the work results.





Specialised Programmes

  • Grammar (Nah'w)
  • Rhetoric (Balagha)
  • Arabic Literature
  • Arabic for Islamic Studies
  • Arabic Calligraphy (Khatt)
  • Arabic Plus (comprising Quranic Arabic and Ulum al-Qur'an)
  • Colloquial Arabic (Aamiya)
  • Arabic for Airlines Cabin Crew
  • Arabic for Tourist Guides
  • Arabic for Media Professionals
  • Arabic for Medical Professionals
  • Arabic for Diplomatic Personnel
  • Arabic for Bankers and the Finance Industry
  • Arabic for the Business Sector
  • Arabic for Frontline Hotel Personnel
  • Arabic for Retailers
  • Arabic for the Fashion Industry


Customized Courses

If you are studying Arabic for none of the above mentioned reasons, please contact us and we will be pleased to customize courses that meet your needs.

Also, we at Al-Diwan (M) can organize specialized courses (private lessons or groups) at your companies according to your schedules and aims.





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