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Today: May 24, 2019

Walker Kuhl, USA

Coming from a community college in rural Montana I did not know what to expect from Al-Diwan Center. I was very happy to find it not only an amazing and effective environment in which to learn the arabic language but also a place where open dialogue regarding current global tensions  is accepted and encouraged. Thanks Al-Diwan.

Walker kuhl, USA


Hassan Ayoub USA

"Being a student in Al-Diwan was enlightening, I have found that Al-Diwan center is very experienced in teaching the Arabic language to non –Arab speakers. I benefited immensely and made friends that will Inshallah last a life time. He instructors were excellent and i consider them friends. I would recommend Al-Diwan center to anyone that sincerely wishes to learn Arabic. it is one of a kind".

Hassan Ayoub USA


Bhawana Kamil

I feel blessed to have been given the chance to study Arabic at Al-Diwan. The teachers were not only experts in Arabic, but they were wonderful people and made my studies enjoyable as well as beneficial. Their devotion to help me learn the language of the Qur'an has opened up innumerable doors for me, and I will be forever grateful".


Bhawana Kamil


Aman Nadhiri

"I have found that the faculty and staff at Al- Diwan are both helpful and encouraging. The teachers at Al- Diwan are among the best you will find, and their approach facilities the rapid learning of fundamental concept in Arabic grammar upon which the student is able to build his/her overall knowledge of the Arabic language. Moreover, the focus of the center on conversing in Arabic ensures the student’s retention of what he/she has learned. I strongly recommend the Al- Diwan center to anyone interested in learning  to speak/ read Arabic, regardless of his/ her level of proficiency".                          


Aman Nadhiri,USA
Doctoral Studies (English)
Medieval Literature-Near Eastern Studies
University of N. Carolina, USA


Syed Muhammad Fadhil

Saya bersyukur kepada Allah SWT atas segala nikmat yang tidak putus dan selawat serta salam kepada junjunga Rasul-Nya yang mulia. Saya berterima kasih kepada markaz ALDIWAN atas segala tunjuk ajar yang sangat baik. Dengan hasil tunjuk ajar ini memudahkan saya dalam memahami bahasa Arab dengan baik dan sekaligus membantu saya dalam peperiksaan saya di universiti Al-Azhar kelak. Dengan teknik markaz ALDiWAN, saya menjadi gembira dalam mempelajari bahasa Arab. Saya mendoakan agar Allah melindungi anda semua. Sekian dimaklumkan. Terima kasih

I'm very thankful to Almighty ALLAH for all the blessings He has incessantly showered upon me. And I offer the best of salutations to His Noble Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. I'm most grateful to ALDIWAN CENTER for their sound guidance and teaching methods. As a result, I am now able to understand the Arabic language well and this will help me to do well in the examinations at Al-Azhar University. The techniques employed by ALDIWAN made me feel delighted to learn the Arabic language. I pray to Almighty ALLAH that He protects all of you. Till we meet again. Thank you.

Syed Muhammad Fadhil.



Ibrahim bin Baharudin al-Bukhari (Malaysia@ Al Azhar University)

Sebelum ini penguasaan bahasa Arab saya amat lemah, terutamanya dalam komunikasi. Al-Hamdulillah setelah saya menyertai pengajian di Markaz ALDIWAN, penguasaan bahasa Arab saya bertambah baik dan saya mampu berkomunikasi dalam bahasa Arab.

Before my Arabic language was very weak, especially in communicative skills. Al-Hamdulillah, since I started learning at ALDIWAN CENTER, I have became more proficient and now am able to communicate effectively in Arabic.

Ibrahim bin Baharudin al-Bukhari
Student of Al-Azhar University
in Cairo, Egypt


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