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MSA Modern Standard Arabic (Fus-ha)

 MSA Modern Standard Arabic (Fus-ha)

Total levels : 10

Each level : 40 hours

I. Elementary Stage: (4 levels- 40 hours each level)

This stage aims at training students to use Arabic in their daily lives, so that they can:

  • Introduce themselves and get acquainted with people.
  • Order food in a restaurant.
  • Tell a taxi driver where they want to go.
  • Buy fruits and vegetables.
  • Exchange money, tell the time in Arabic.
  • Speak about themselves and their daily life.
  • Make a phone call.
  • Show sympathy with patients.

II. INTERMEDIATE Stage: (6 levels- 40 hours each level):

The aims of this stage are to enable students to:

  • Use the modern language so that they can understand the general idea of a journalistic article or a novel
  • Use Arabic to describe historical, geographical and political subjects.
  • Know the proverbs used in the Arab world and compare them with proverbs in their own language.
  • Know about various arts in the Arab world such as calligraphy and arabesque.
  • Know Arabic poetry and be familiar with famous poets such as Ilia Aby Mady and famous writers such as Najeeb Mahfouz.
  • Take part in job interviews.
  • Describe their experiences
  • Discuss topics of their daily lives (this is a continuation of topics covered in earlier levels but now the student will be expected to provide more detail).
  • Become more aware of Arab customs for example in marriage, death, and celebrations.
  • Manage a conversation with Arabs in general topics.

Note: After this stage the student can continue to study Advanced Modern Arabic or customized courses that fit his/her goals, e.g. to study the language used in Mass Media ; to study Arabic for the purpose of trading or any other purpose.


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