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FAQs on Registration


Q1: In what months or semesters of the year does ALDIWAN Centre offer courses?

A1: ALDIWAN Centre offers teaching services all year round. The most important holidays in Malaysia are centred around the two Eids: the Eidul Fitr marking the end of the fast of Ramadhan; and Eidul Adha that coincides with the greater pilgrimage Al-Hajj in Mecca.


Q2: When do courses start?

A2: ALDIWAN Centre has a rolling registration system. Students can enroll in courses at any time of the year. All you need to do is contact the Centre and register one month prior to the date you wish to start taking classes. The only exception to this is The Summer Program, which has specific dates of registration.


Q3: What are the requirements to study at the Centre?

A3: The student must be over the age of 12 years. However, we are developing a special curriculum to suit school children at both primary and secondary levels.


Q4: What are the steps I need to take from registration to the beginning of my studies at the Centre?

a. Fill in the free Registration form online, or send an email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
b. Wait for ALDIWAN's confirmation receipt message (that we have received your application).
c. Send us a deposit to ensure we can reserve a place for you.
d. Wait for ALDIWAN's confirmation receipt message (that we have received your application, and reserved a place for you under your name).
e. Send a confirmation and flight itinerary to the Centre two weeks before your departure for Malaysia.
f. Upon arrival in Malaysia, you will be required to pay your tuition and fees. 
g. Sign the agreement of study at the Centre 
* (Note: Completion of all the registration steps ensures a quick and successful start to your studies.)


Q5: What if I do not register and just come directly to ALDIWAN Centre?

A5: In this case, we cannot immediately inform you when your study schedule will begin. You might begin in a few days, a week, or more, depending on the availability of class seats.
During the Summer Program in June - August, you may have difficulty reserving a seat if you did not register during the registration period, before the program begins.


Q6: I have a friend of mine in Malaysia who wants to pay the deposit for me; is that possible?

A6: Yes.


Q7: My wife and I would like to take a private class together. Is this option available or do we need to take our classes separately?

A7: We can arrange a private class for you and your wife, as long as both of you are at the same level.


Q8: What are the additional fees that I will need to pay other than the course tuition?

A8: (note: US$1 is about RM3.20)
a. Placement Test: RM30.00
b. Textbook & workbook: RM80.00 (used in two levels).


Q9: Can a student alternate his schedule, i.e. study one week with regular hours and the following week intensively?

A9: We are unable to change course hours until the level finishes (i.e.: a period of 2 months). However, depending on the number of students enrolled at the time, we may be able to accommodate your request.


Q10: I want to pay tuition and fees by credit card; do you accept credit cards?

A10: We are presently making arrangements for this service.


Q11: How do I know my rights and duties while studying in the Centre?

A11: There is a policy agreement that students sign when they first start their registration in the Centre.  You can read it online before you register. This policy agreement covers all related matters between the student and the Centre. Students have actively helped the administration in the establishment of this policy.


Q12: I have been studying Arabic in my country for a year. At what level should I expect to begin my studies?

A12: Our assessment of a student’s level of language proficiency does not depend only on his or her previous training. We need to know more information, such as: How many hours did you study per week? Who was your teacher? Was he a native speaker? In what discipline did he specialize (i.e.: Teachers of Arabic for non-speakers differ from teachers of Arabic for natives). What curricula were you studying? What textbook? And what method of instruction did your teacher implement.


Q13: Do you have a summer program?

A13: The summer program is scheduled to start in 2013.


Q13: Can I continue my studies at ALDIWAN after I finish the summer program?

A13: Yes, you can!


Q14: Tuition fees: are they changing?

A14: The tuition fees published on ALDIWAN-M website are the exact fees you will be required to pay when you arrive at the Centre. Any changes will be declared at least a month ahead of the effective date. During your study at ALDIWAN, if there are any plans to raise tuition, you will be notified a month ahead. Mostly, tuition increases do not go beyond 10%, and most of the time they occur at the beginning of the year.




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