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FAQs - Student Life in Malaysia.

Q1: What language do Malaysians speak? 

A1: The national language of Malaysia is Malay or Bahasa Malaysia. However, English is widely spoken and is, in fact, the language of commerce. You will also hear several Chinese and Indian dialects.


Q2: What will be the benefit in learning Arabic in Malaysia?

A2: For one thing, you will be learning Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) in class and this will be the medium you will be communicating with your classmates and teachers. Outside the Centre, you will not be influenced by any colloquial Arabic dialect. As such, the MSA will be useful to you when you travel or work in any part of the Middle East in particular or the Muslim world in general. 


Q3: Should I also learn colloquial Arabic?

A3: Not necessarily. But if you do want to learn, we recommend the dialect of Cairo (Cairene) as most Arabs from any Middle Eastern country understand this dialect due to the popularity of Made-in-Egypt movies and songs.


Q4: What are the rental prices for furnished apartments near ALDIWAN? 

A4: Rent varies with respect to the number of bedrooms, the value of the furniture, and the price that the owner feels they can get for the apartment. Usually, rent near the centre ranges from RM1500 to RM2500 per month. You must pay the first month’s rent in advance and a security deposit (usually equivalent to 3 months of rent). The security deposit is refunded when you move out minus any property damages, if any. If you leave the apartment before the end of the contract, you will most likely lose the security deposit. However, keep in mind that each landlord and contract is different, so make sure to read the contract carefully and ask all questions before signing the contract.


Q5: Is it possible to room with someone so that we can share the rental expense? 

A5: Yes, our students frequently decide to room together. We help our students get acquainted with each other, so so their time here can be the most optimal.


Q6: Can you make an apartment (i.e.: flat) reservation for me ahead of time, so I can immediately move in upon my arrival in Egypt? 

A6: Our normal procedure is to receive students at the airport, accompany them to a hotel, at which point, they accompany a rental agent and choose an apartment at their own discretion.


Q7: How long does it take to retain a flat (apartment) through your assistance? 

A7: It takes around two working days.


Q8: What are the prices for meals in Malaysia? 

A8: Prices vary based on whether you prepare your own meals or if you eat out. If you will be cooking your own meals, food expenses run less than RM20 a day. If you eat out, the price varies depending on the location, ambience and crowd. One thing is sure: the cuisine is varied and international, and you will definitely find something that suits your taste.


Q9: What is the standard of health care in Malaysia, and what are the prices of medicine? 

A9: Hospital care differs from institution to institution. There are world renowned major hospitals here as well as public emergency clinics. Private clinics are spread out throughout the  metropolis, and medicine is very affordable.


Q10: Are there any hospitals near the Centre? 

A10: Yes. We are located in an urban area and health care services are literally available around the clock.


Q11: Are Internet services available in Malaysia? 

A11: Yes. With your ground line, you can get a good ADSL connection. There are also cyber cafes everywhere and the charges are very reasonable. On top of that, you can surf the Net on your mobile phone using pre-paid cards at fabulous prices.


Q12: How much does it cost to buy a mobile (cellular) phone? How much does it cost to make a call to a mobile phone number from any store or a public place? 

A12: There is intense competition in this industry in Malaysia. As such, there is much on offer in the marketplace as far as mobile phones and call rates are concerned. The bottom line is that both mobile phones and call charges here are very affordable compared to many countries around the world.


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