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Student Life

This section is meant to facilitate the enrolment of international students.

Visa Matters

For details regarding Visa Matters, please surf the Malaysian Immigration website as follows:


Stay Healthy

You’ve come a long way and spent a lot of money to study in Malaysia. It would be unfortunate to spend much of your precious time sick. Good nutrition can also help in protecting against other health problems, like fatigue and colds. Take your vitamins and drink plenty of water.


Bottled water is ubiquitous and cheap. Eat in clean looking restaurants or at home. Produce is very cheap. Make sure to scrub the fruits and vegetables before eating them, pealing them if possible, and soaking them in some water with vinegar to kill the bacteria. Be very careful and accustom your stomach to Malaysia a little bit at a time.


Gyms and open air parks are widely available in the capital and all the bigger cities.

Medical Attention

There are abundant clinics and hospitals in Kuala Lumpur, both government and private. All doctors speak English.

Financial Matters

Banks and money changers are readily available. You can also draw money easily from ATM machines. Traveller cheques are widely accepted, and credit cards are especially in vogue.


Most international calls can be made from public phones. You can easily purchase a SIM card for your mobile phone; and Internet cafes are mushrooming throughout the entire metropolitan. The Starbucks and other popular cosmopolitan outlets offer free hotspots to customers.



Means of Transportation

There are several means of transportation in Kuala Lumpur. Riding public transportation is the best way to get to know the city and its people. There is the semi-underground LRT, city buses and taxis.

Places to See

To see as much as possible in the shortest time possible, please surf the website:

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