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The Nine-months Course

This carefully structured course is designed to help you move up one level of proficiency every 50 hours. The objective is to aid the student towards gaining sound essential skills of the Arabic language.

  1. The nine-month course is the most helpful for those who want to get deeper into the Arabic language and culture. Be able to master the language and access the Arabic recourses directly by oneself.
  2. Studying in Malaysia is relatively cheap compared to the Arab world.
  3. Enjoy the multi-ethnicity and the political stability.
  4. The total duration of the course is 180 days over 36 weeks.
  5. It is for all levels: from beginners to advanced students.


Students can choose between:

Regular: 5 days weekly, 2.30 hrs daily, 1 level per month = 450 hrs

Intensive: 5 days weekly, 5 hrs daily, 2 levels per month = 900 hrs.



Rules & Regulations

  1. Students who are above our fourth level of modern standard Arabic (200 hours of classes) can not enroll in the 9-month program
  2. Tuition fees include: 900 hours, registration, certificate and books.
  3. Tuition fees can be paid in USA dollars or Malaysian Ringgit (The rate hovers around US$1 = RM3.20).
  4. You can start the program at the beginning of the following months: September, October, November, December, January, February, March.
  5. Wherever possible, the center tries to help the students in arranging group classes BUT it is preferred the students arrange this themselves.




Registration and the US$100 deposit should be done at least a month before the starting date.


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